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Ron Mifsud operates this San Francisco shop, specializing in British and European cars since 1992, with a large number of 4.0/4.6 and later Rover Customers. This shop has built up an enviable reputation and I have seen glowing comments about their service. The shop has a Rovacom computer diagnostic system that can deal with every aspect of Range Rover electronics, including air suspension, ECM, BeCM replacement and on and on.

-John Brabyn of rangerovers.net

Very professional. Excellent service. Ron and Barbara are always helpful. They explain everything thoroughly. They keep my 10-year-old VW Jetta (Diesel) running, with regular, routine maintenance, as well as the occasional major repair. The scheduling is always convenient and the pricing is reasonable.

-Tim Biringer of Oakland, Calfornia

AutoEuropa restored my 1986 XJ6. Complete engine, transmission, electrical and eating system restoration. I have been to many mechanics, and by far AutoEuropa has the best service and prices. Ron Misfud is the independent owner and operator of AutoEuropa, and you will get personal attention and prices unheard of compared to a dealer garage. In 1986 my father cashed in on a real estate deal and sank the entire profit into a new car, the 1986 Jaguar XJ6. Dad worked in the oil fields and paid for his way to U.C. Berkeley and for his graduate school. The Jag was the first big luxury expenditure he ever made and was a symbol of how hard he worked to provide for his family, sending his son’s to college and overall being the greatest Dad ever. The Jag gave him many good years despite the classic breakdowns notorious to jaguar. The engine finally blew last year and he was ready to salvage the car. I stepped in and found AutoEuropa and the proprietor Ron Misfud. The car had a complete engine, electrical, transmission restoration with Ron managing the project. I had constant updates on progress, and after completion, Ron called me to make sure everything was working well. He tinkered on a few things and the Jag is running great. AutoEuropa has worked on my Wife’s Range Rover for small issues, and we received same excellent service, price, and prompt attention.

-Clifford Sewell MD of San Francisco, California

In December of 2007, I experienced a serious situation with my 2003 Land Rover Discovery. I decided to try an independent service instead of a dealership. Luckily, I had purchased the extended warranty to 100,000 miles.

Ron and Barbara worked diligently with the warranty service. It required almost a month to test and solve the problem. The vehicle received a new engine in the process.

During this period, I realized that I had found a reputable, diligent, knowledgeable and professional team at AutoEuropa. Their cordiality is noteworthy. Needless to say, I continue to bring the vehicle for regular maintenance and repairs.

I wholeheartedly recommend AutoEuropa without any reservation.

-Sandra Varga of Pacifica, California

Ron and his team at Auto Europa have been working on my vehicles for over 8 years and they are the best at what they do- automotive geniuses. I have 3 older cars- a 1977 Toyota Landcruiser FJ 40 that had major mechanical problems as well as not being able to pass the California smog tests- I was going to have to sell the car out of state. I brought the vehicle to Ron who did an extensive analysis on the issues. There were many parts no longer available and other major issues. Ron devised a plan and had parts made- the car now passes the smog test as an almost zero emission vehicle and rides like it did 30 years ago without any mechanical issues.

My other car is a 1980 Datsun 280 ZX with only 46,000 original miles- still after 30 years parts wear out- Ron worked to bring everything up to date. He found things most people would never see. The car drives and handles like the day I bought it new.

My last vehicle is a 1997 Toyota 4 Runner with a 5 speed. I have had little or no trouble but after 130,000 miles it needed parts replaced before there were major breakdowns. Ron and his team have brought it back again tot where it was when new. I have recommended Auto Europa to friends and they say the same things.

I would never take my new, classic or older cars anywhere else.

Auto Europa is the best!

-Len Steiner of San Rafael, California

This restoration/service business is the "real deal". I showed up with my 1978 Series III-109 with a jigsaw puzzle of inferior restoration work, which was performed by a disreputable company in the Olympia, Washington. Work, which was allegedly performed, had in fact not, leaving Ron and his team with a monuments task of unraveling the mess. Within 3 weeks, the vehicle was returned to me, running perfectly.

The work was meticulously performed, with each and every part (larger engine pieces) sandblasted and repainted. It continues to perform like a brand new engine, and looks like one also. While it is sketchy getting new and or refurbished parts for my rover, Ron measured, calibrated and inspected each replacement part, and in many cases, rejected the items until he was satisfied with the quality. I swear by their work. They are thoughtful in their approach, don't give lip service, and NEVER perform unnecessary service on the vehicle. In fact, Ron talked me out of a few projects because they were unnecessary at the time.

-Joel A. Comer of San Francisco, California

I have brought my cars to Auto Europa for servicing since the mid 1990’s, when, dissatisfied with the dealer’s service department, I sought an independent auto mechanic. Ron is a terrific mechanic, customer-focused, and above all, ethical. There have been times when he has advised me that an item was under warranty and ought to be handled by the dealer, times when a problem turned out to be simpler than we had at first assumed. Business manager Barbara is very pleasant, and makes sure that appointments are conveniently scheduled. I would recommend them in a flash.

Five stars to Auto Europa!

-Karin Payson of San Francisco, California

"The good people at Auto-Europa have been caring for my 2000 Land Rover Discovery ever since it left its warranty period. These vehicles require great care and can get expensive to maintain, but it is worth it. They do everything from my regular oil changes to rebuilding the engine when gaskets fail, etc. I find them trust-worthy, caring, and always executing what they say they will do in the time they say they can get it done.

Bonus is that they recently cleaned their space out of some old stuff so it is much cleaner and well organized. Always feels better to leave your vehicle with someone who appears to care for their space.

I hope to keep coming back for the next 50-100k miles!"

-Ed H. of San Francisco, California

"This is the only place in the city that I will take my Range Rover. In the office, Barbara is as nice as they get . . .and I am always amazed that she knows my name soon as I walk in the door. Ron in friendly as well, and runs a great shop. His mechanics are all friendly and willing to chat about the repairs that they did.

Unfortunately, for me, my Range Rover brings me here far too often. They are a bit on pricey side for parts sometimes, but they always get the job done correctly so I don't complain . . .and they surely will always beat the dealer's estimate. They have stayed late and worked me into their schedule several times, and for that I am very appreciative.

I've had everything from oil changes to top end re-builds done here, and would not hesitate to recommend them to any Land Rover owner."

-Eric B. of San Francisco, California