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When looking for toddler crib bedding check the quality of fabric, how it's made and what best suits your baby are some of the things to consider when picking out your baby's crib bedding. Other things to consider are woven versus printed patterns where, in woven designs the pattern appears on both sides and on one side in printed designs. Generally, a patterned woven design is superior in quality to a design that has been printed on to the fabric, with less chance of fading as well as being more likely to sustain it's look and usefulness for years to come.

Embroidered designs can give you a great look too and though usually a little more expensive, the durability and their great look can more than justify the extra expense.

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When taking into account the quality of the fabric a couple of things to think about are the thread count per inch. The higher the count the more costly but more durable the fabric. Pre-wash fabric avoids color loss and shrinkage by being washed and dried prior to incorporation.

In the end, you have to decide what is most important for you and your baby. The cheaper crib bedding may suffice though your child's infancy but will it hold it's beauty and quality if you decide to have another child or if you would like to pass it on to future members of your family?

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